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The 2009 elections for the European Parliament will be important, very important: Among other things the outcome of the elections will have great influence on who will be the coming president of the European Commission. Unfortunately voting turn outs have been decreasing steadily – in 2004 the European average was less than 50 percent!

The Party of European Socialists is already preparing for these elections: We’re drawing up our manifesto – and we are doing so in a way that is new and different for a European political party. In October last year we launched a public consultation where we invite Europe’s citizens to take part in an open debate about priorities for Europe’s socialists and social democrats.

We want our manifesto to show the difference between left and right – and to show that we social democrats do our politics in an open and consultative way.

The manifesto consultation has been running very successfully for the last four months. Every day we receive new ideas and suggestions from people around Europe – it’s truly an exciting and very interactive process. At the centre of the campaign is Yourspace, an interactive website, that’s open to everyone. It works, essentially, as a blog where people can post their ideas and debate them with others.

I’m the moderator of the site and so far it’s been an amazing experience. Since campaign start I have met many bloggers, political activists and grass roots – online as well as offline – and their energy and enthusiasm have been impressing every time.

With this blog the PES manifesto campaign will also have a home on Blogactiv! I will be be updating you on the debate on Yourspace and how the campaign preparations for the 2009 elections are unfolding. So keep an eye on this blog and Yourspace, if you want to know what Europe’s socialists and social democrats are up.

Oh, before I return to blogging on Yourspace, I want to show you our campaign video – click here to watch it on our YouTube channel. What do you think about our initiative? I’m very interested to hear your comments and ideas.

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  1. You are absolutely right to highlight the issue of decline in popular participation in elections in general, and in the European Parliament elections in particular.
    You might want to give support to an idea to make use of the Internet to open a new channel for participation, allowing people the option to choose to vote online. See for more details, and give your support!

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