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Thursday Irish voters will decide on the future of the Lisbon Treaty. Ireland is the only EU country where a referendum will take place. In all other 26 countries the Treaty was or will be approved by the national parliaments. No need to say this week Ireland will be on the spotlight.

It is still quite fresh in most people’s memory the French “non” and the Dutch “nein” in 2005, during the referenda for the so called EU Constitution project, results that dictated the end of a project but, simultaneously, the rebirth of a new one: the Lisbon Treaty.

The Irish Labour Party is heavily involved in campaigning for the Yes. Desmond O’Toole, party member and blogger of the week on Yourspace, is giving an insight view on what is happening in Ireland those days.

“The NO campaign has run a thoroughly disreputable campaign of scare-stories and untruths about the EU and the Lisbon Treaty. Elements of the NO campaign have argued, for example, that the EU will force an end to Ireland’s exclusive competence in taxation thus undermining our economy. Also that Irish farmers will lose heavily, that health, education and other public services will be privatised as a consequence of Lisbon, and even that prostitution, hard-drugs and euthanasia will be forced upon Ireland by Brussels. Perhaps the most bizarre claim has been the one made on the attached poster that Lisbon will give the European Commission the right to micro-chip all Irish babies at birth!”, he tell us.

Desmond is delivering daily reports on the campaign that you can follow here.

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