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Bloggers from Denmark, France, Spain and Romania are actively contributing for the PES manifesto for the European elections 2009! Here’s a selection of some of their ideas that you can consult on Yourspace:

“Have you ever seen a ‘family photo’ from meetings in the Council? Well, if you haven’t allow me to enlighten you: it’s black suits, suits and more suits. There are very few women top leaders in Europe. For me there is no doubt that we need a more equal representation of women and men.”Rikke, Denmark

“Pour un courant de pensée démocratique comme le socialisme, il n’est pas concevable que cela se fasse dans un conclave fermé à huis clos entre leaders des formations composant le PSE. Cela ne peut nécessairement se faire qu’à travers une consultation de l’ensemble des adhérents par un vote de désignation. A dire vrai, en tant que socialistes, nous avons une longueur d’avance par rapport…” – Aleksander, France

“On 10 June the Labour Ministries of the European Union agreed the possibility of enlarging the work journey to 60 hour or, eventually, 65 hours if the company and the worker agree to do so. The reaction in Spain: this is a clear attack to the Social Europe we are trying to achieve and we are not going to assume it easily. ” – Francisco, Spain

“Europe is far from having resolved its own problems but the power of our political (social and economic) Union resides in the value of solidarity. Countries and regions have been reconstructed based on this solidarity, people have known prosperity and wealth, the living conditions have improved and no one can say otherwise. People from countries like Ireland, Greece, Spain, and Portugal know what I’m talking about…”Victor, Romania

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  1. j’attends beaucoup des rencontres entre socialistes européens pour dépasser les impasses des débats politiciens nationaux opposant les courants notamment ceux du parti français, donner à l’Europe les ancrages concrets qui lui manquent, ressourcer le socialisme dans ses valeurs fondamentales et fonder le condensus sur les priorités, en somme contourner par le haut et par l’avenir les blocages du présent.

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