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The PES manifesto consultation for the 2009 elections has been a resounding success with over 300,000 visitors to the Yourspace website, 600 posts and 60 written contributions. The same can be said of the first PES activists Forum which marked the end of this process. Over 300 grassroots PES activists from across Europe gathered during a warm and sunny Vienna weekend to debate and discuss a wide range of important issues including online campaigning, European democracy and diversity, Europe in the world, New Social Europe and how best to “Save our Planet.”

The debate goes on! We hope to continue the remarkable success of the Forum with more online discussion. Check out the video from the Forum posted on Yourspace and stay tuned in the coming days for many more, with interviewees discussing an array of topics including migration, democracy, energy policy, grassroots campaigning and development.

Post your views on the interviewees’ suggestions and don’t hesitate to make your own suggestions on how to make a better EU by having your say on Yourspace!

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  1. For me as a person that sees a duty in political engagement it is very nice to see that the web 2.0 channels are used to make a difference. It´s important to join the discussion there! So everybody c´mon!

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