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Today, the European Parliament Declaration on combating trafficking of children was presented to the press and the public by its promoters, socialist MEPs Maryusa Lyubcheva and Zita Gurmai, with the support of other MEPs and representatives of NGOs, such as Terre des Hommes, Care for Europe.

Despite the fact it is a cross border problem involving developing countries as well as developed ones, this is the first time that a document on trafficking in children has been adopted at the European level.

This event was on opportunity to publicize the demand of the declaration for a closer cooperation between Member States and EU bodies against this tragic trade.

But the declaration will not remain just a piece of paper! MEP Lyubcheva announced several steps being taken to advance the course.

First of all, the declaration shall be presented to the European Commission with the support of all parliamentary groups. Then lobby actions, such as hearings, meetings and seminars will be organised to discuss policy initiatives in this area.

The next step is already planned: the EU anti trafficking day – Trafficking in Human Beings: Time for Action, will be held in Brussels on October the 18th!

For more info about the declaration, please follow the link.

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