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Obama +6, From poetry to prose, Monday 10th Nov

It is getting hard now. The media are following every little step of the President elect. Today Barack Obama and his wife are visiting the White House. I don’t know what Bush may tell or try to teach Obama, but I am quite sure that the President elect can manage and focus on his own progressive agenda.

Saturday, Obama confirmed that the recovery of the economy is urgency number 1. And if current Congress and White House can not get it on track “It will be the first thing I’ll get done as President of the USA” he said. Yes, that is decisiveness.

Obama is confronted with a massive set of challenges; from tackling the worst financial and economic crises, to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan; a crisis in the Middle East to Iran, Russia, etc. Some of our Democrats friends in Congress have said “Now the President elect is moving from poetry to prose”.

Obama mentioned five urgent priorities: 1. Economic recovery, 2 Energy; 3 Health care; 4 Tax reform; 5 Education. A huge domestic agenda for America. And with huge effects for Europe.

It is fitting well in our agenda – PES, Europe. We need all progressives to get involved because we are on our way to a deep recession with millions of jobs at risk in US and in Europe – unless we take urgent action, progressive actions. Not only on the financial market, but urgently and simultaneously in the real economy. I here the same opinion among Democrats over here. It is about combining further reductions of interest rates and a new strong but wise financial stimulus. As we have said on the 5th of Nov at the PES Leaders meeting, the very day we got Obama as President, we must have a response to ordinary people; “when we can save the banks, we can and we must save people’s jobs”. That is also why we are here.

That will be the continuous theme during our stay. And by the way, President elect Obama, it may be time now for prose but don’t forget the poetry.

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