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O + 6, Monday afternoon

“It is really a nice office” was Barack Obama comment to Bush when shown the Oval Office, the centre of US political power. They spent an hour alone together. Did Bush tell Obama what to do? Or what to be aware of? Who knows. I am not in doubt that Obama knows exactly what to do, how to do it and what to be aware of. According to media he asked Bush to offer to aid to the automobile industry. The big three: Ford, Chrysler and GM. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake, probably more than a million including subcontractors and suppliers. We don’t know Bush’s answer.

If you can save the Banks, you must and you can save jobs. Especially, if such a rescue operation combines with new investments in green cars, bringing down CO2 emissions? That’s what we, the PES in Europe, call for as part of our smart green growth strategy. Why not in US too?

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