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Obama + 6, Monday 10th, early evening

Of course, it is your fundamental right to be a member of a trade union. We in Europe regard this as a natural thing. This is not the case in the US.

It is possible now that American workers will get the same trade union rights as European workers. For many years the conservatives and big economic powers in the American economy have prevented workers from enjoying that fundamental freedom.

And the effects are illustrated by hard fact. Inequalities have never been bigger. The average income of the richest five percent in the US is 22,000 times an industrial workers yearly income. Every ten minutes one of these guys earns the yearly income of an American worker.

The American Trade Union confederation AFL CIO looks forward to a change. I am bringing a “Employee Free Choice Act, Now!” badge back home with me. This is one of the most important reforms for American workers. Will they succeed? It is not going to be easy, but with Obama it is within reach.

I will join those saying about this reform: ”Yes, we can!”.

For more on the bill to give American workers the right to join a trade union see AFL-CIO website.

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