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Toulouse-PES campaign launch

The PES election campaign is OFFICIALLY underway! Last Friday, in the Halle aux Grains in Toulouse, the PES launched its electoral campaign in spectacular fashion. Amongst those present there were PES party leaders, heads-of-list, MEPs and candidates from across Europe, including Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, Martine Aubry, Zita Gurmai, Martin Schulz, George Papandreou, Juan Fernando López Aguilar and many others, all of whom stepped up to the podium to give their message to voters, explaining why the PES is the ONLY political family with the plan to take Europe in a new direction.

But if the event went so well, it’s also thanks to the fantastic energy and enthusiasm of the activists who came in Toulouse to support the campaign launch, mostly coming from France, Catalunya and Spain. What a great atmosphere, both off and on line! With around 1,900 actively participating in the event in Toulouse, over 500 more were following the live coverage available on, commenting the PES live blog and watching the video streaming!

Perhaps you missed this, or you would simply like to see the best moments again? Don’t worry: thanks to our friends in the French Socialist Party we have just been able to publish videos of the event; just click the link to relive the campaign launch!

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